Certi-Split® Shakes

This high quality shake features a rough split face and sawn back.  Popular on traditional, ranch, vacation homes, or non-residential structures design to blend with the natural and/or rustic surroundings.

Certi-Split Handsplit and Resawn Shakes

Number 1 Grade

Description: Lengths 18-inch, thickness ½" (medium) and ¾" (heavy) minimums; length 24-inch, thickness 3/8", ½" (medium) and ¾" (heavy) minimums. Width 4" minimum. Clear heartwood; 20% maximum flat grain in each bundle.

Roof Exposure: 18-inch shakes - 7½" maximum; 24-inch medium and heavy shakes - 10" maximum; 24-inch (3/8") shakes - 7½" maximum (5" per UBC).

Wall Exposure: Single course: 8" for 18-inch shake; 10½" for 24-inch shake.

Double Course: 14" for 18-inch shake; 18" for 24-inch shake.

Recommended Use: For walls and roofs on 4:12 pitch and steeper where high quality appearance and performance are desired.

Premium Grade

Description: Lengths 18-inch and 24-inch; width 4" minimum, thickness ½" (medium) and ¾" (heavy). Clear heartwood; 100% edge grain; no defects

Roof Exposure: 7½" for 18-inch shakes; 10" for 24-inch shakes.

Wall Exposure: Single course: 8" for 18-inch shakes; 18" for 24-inch shakes.

Recommended Use: For walls and roofs 4:12 pitch and steeper and where a premium quality product is needed or desired. The 100% edge grain requirement exceeds the national industry standard.

  • Class A, B & C fire ratings may be obtained by specifying Certi-Guard® pressure impregnated, fire-retardant treated Premium or Number 1 Grade shakes.
  • Certi-Last® pressure impregnated, preservative treatment is available for added longevity.
  • Contact the treatment company for treatment warranty information, accessory product requirements (including recommended fastener types) and application details for treated cedar material.
  • Historical Projects: CSSB members offer straight split/barn shake, and tapersplit products for historic accuracy. Ask your supplier for more details. Check CSSB technical manual for specific installation details.
  • Certi-label™ cedar shake and shingle products manufactured by members of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau are graded in accordance with UBC Standards No. 15-3 and/or CSA 0118.1.
  • This is only a product description necessary for selection of materials and grades. For a new roof construction manual and/or wall manual please contact: info@cedarbureau.com.