Certi-Ridge® Shakes

Pre-manufactured, labour saving caps for hips and ridges.  Made from the same red cedar resource as Certi-label shingles and shakes for a high quality perfect match.

Certi-Ridge® Handsplit Shake Hip & Ridge Units

Number 1 Grade

Description: Manufactured from Number 1 Grade Certi-Split® shakes. Lengths 24-inch; thickness ½" medium, ¾" heavy; widths not less than 9" (measured on the inner surface at the butt end). 20 units per bundle

Certi-Ridge® Tapersawn Hip & Ridge Units

Certi-Ridge® Shake Hip & Ridge Units are pre-manufactured, labor saving caps for hips and ridges. These products are made from the same red cedar resource as Certi-label™ shakes for a high quality, perfect match.

Number 1 Grade, Blue Label

Description: Manufactured from quality Number 1 Grade Certi-Sawn® shakes. Lengths 18-inch; 24-inch; thickness 5/8", ¾"; widths not less than 9" (measured on the inner surface at the butt end). 20 units per bundle.

Number 2 Grade, Red Label

Description: Manufactured from Number 2 Grade Certi-Sawn® shakes. Lengths 18-inch, 24-inch; thickness 5/8" or ¾"; widths not less than 9" (measured on the inner surface at the butt end). 20 units per bundle.

Exposures: The hip & ridge exposure should be equal to or less than the exposure in the field of the roof, and should not exceed the maximum exposure for the specified length and grade.

Recommended Use: The appropriate hip and ridge unit should be selected to match the adjacent shingles or shakes. However, in many areas a tapersawn hip and ridge unit is used on both shingle and shake applications. Hip and ridge product type selection should be performed in accordance with the aesthetic look desired.

  • Class A, B & C fire ratings may be obtained by specifying Certi-Guard® pressure impregnated fire-retardant treatment, on number 1 grade product.
  • Certi-Last® pressure impregnated preservative treatment is available for added longevity.
  • Contact the treatment company for treatment warranty information, accessory product requirements (including recommended fastener types) and application details for treated cedar material.
  • Certi-label™ cedar shake and shingle hip and ridge units are manufactured by members of the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau and graded in accordance with UBC Standards No. 15-3 and 15-4 and/or CSA 0118.1.
  • This is only a product description necessary for selection of materials and grades. For a new roof construction manual and/or wall manual please contact: info@cedarbureau.com.