Certigroove® Shingles

These products are manufactured specifically for exterior and interior wall surface uses.  They are a low maintenance product that adds beauty, texture, durability and insulating qualities to new construction or remodelling and renovation of existing structures.

Machine Grooved Shingles

Appearance:  Machine grooved for a shake texture from Number 1 Grade Blue Label Certigrade® red cedar shingles, trimmed for parallel edges with butts sawn at right angles. Finishes: Natural, primed white, primed gray, or special order colors.

Lengths: 16-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch.

Number 1 Grade, Blue Label

Description: Lengths 16-inch, 18-inch, 24-inch; width 4" minimum; thickness of 16-inch is 5/2" ( 5 butts together measures 2" thick), 18-inch is 5/2 -¼" thick, 24-inch is 4/2" thick. Clear heartwood: 100% edge grain; no defects.

Recommended Use: For exterior and interior walls where a premium quality product is desired

Wall Exposure Table:

 Shingle Length
Single Course
Double Course
16" 7" 12"
 18" 8"
24" 10½"