Certi-Cut® Shingles

These specialty red cedar shingle products are used to provide a variety of designs that add charm and an immediate visual impact to exterior and interior wall surfaces and roofs.

Fancy-Butt Red Cedar Shingles

Number 1 Grade, Blue Label

Description: These shingles are 5" wide and are manufactured from 16" and 18" lengths. Clear heartwood; 100% edge grain; no defects.

Recommended Uses: On exterior and interior walls, roofs of 4:12 slope and steeper, wherever a decorative elegance is desired.

Roof Exposure: 5"

Wall Exposure: 7½" for exteriors, 10" for interiors

Cuts: Shown below are nine of the most popular designs. They can be combined to make an unlimited number of patterns. Fancy-Butt shingles can be custom produced to individual orders.

These Fancy-Butt red cedar shingles are manufactured in accordance with standards established by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau.

This is only a product description necessary for selection of materials and grades. For a new roof construction manual and/or wall manual please contact: info@cedarbureau.com.