Product Inspections

Do member manufacturers know when an inspector is coming to their mill?

No, third party inspection agencies perform random, unannounced inspections at manufacturing mills. Manufacturers do not receive advance warning that an inspector is coming on a particular day or at a specific time. Inspection agencies are independent, third party companies, which preserves the integrity of the inspection system.

Are CSSB inspection agencies exclusive to CSSB members?

The accredited inspection agencies that perform inspection services at CSSB member manufacturers are independently owned and operated businesses. As such, and due to Federal Antitrust Law and other reasons, the CSSB is not able to require exclusive contracts from inspection agencies. Inspecting CSSB member only/and non-member products is a choice made by each inspection agency.

Do all inspection agencies grade product to the same standard?

All inspection agencies have a mandate to ensure that products carrying their logo on the label meet current applicable grading rules and building code compliance regulations. If you have specific questions about Certi-labelTM product grading, you should contact the inspection agency listed on the product label.

How do I ensure that my supplier sends Certi-labelTM products to the job site?

Make sure that you specify Certi-labelTM brand cedar products on the purchase order or contract agreement. Also, when the product arrives at the job site, check to see that the pallets contain bundles which are all labeled with the distinctive "Certi-labelTM" To see what a "Certi-labelTM" looks like, click here.