What is the average life span of a cedar roof?

The life expectancy of a roof will vary depending on many factors. Some of these factors include the following: age, environment of installation area, quality of wood, quality of installation, care and maintenance performed, foot traffic, and amount of overhanging trees. The CSSB administers a Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty on behalf of its manufacturing members. If more specific information about your roof is required, the CSSB suggests that you hire a professional Member Contractor/Installer or obtain a roof inspection to provide you with an experienced, local assessment.

The longevity of a roof depends on many things: the grade and quality of the product used, the quality of the application, climate, salt-water proximity, exposure, and maintenance.

The average life span is approximately 30 - 40 years. We recommend investigating the life span of existing cedar roofs in your area.

Will a preservative treated product last longer than an untreated one?

Pressure impregnated Certi-last™ cedar shakes and shingles will generally offer a longer life span than untreated shakes and shingles. Pressure-impregnated preservative treated products prevent moss and mildew buildup, as well as improve longevity, especially in high humidity areas. However, please note that life span is greatly dependent upon the factors listed in the above answer.

Do cedar shakes last longer than cedar shingles?

Generally the life span of a shake is longer than a shingle. However, factors listed in the above do affect the life span. Talk to a professional Member Contractor/Installer or Distributor for more information.