Is it OK to nail down portions of shakes which have curled or bowed for them to lie flat again?

The CSSB recommends replacing the shakes if they are curled very badly.

We are having problems with our shakes cracking and falling off. What do we do?

This could be caused by the nails or the nailing technique used at installation. Contact your local Member Contractor/Installer for assistance.

Should my contractor be walking on my roof using cleated boots/shoes? Will the tiny holes compromise the longevity of our shakes?

Small indentations made by cleats usually rebound over time.

My roof was leaking and a relatively inexperienced contractor came out and sealed up large areas with a few tubes of caulk. Is this normal?

No. Caulk is used to seal small areas, not substitute for proper repairs. Caulk will not stick to unfinished wood; it is only a temporary fix for cedar. Caulking is used successfully on finished wood and on metal flashing. Contact an Member Contractor/Installer for more help.

Is it ok to walk on my shake roof to examine it as it ages?

The CSSB does not advise homeowners to walk on their roofs themselves; if a roof survey is needed, ensure that you hire a professional contractor to do this work for you as s/he has the proper safety equipment, training, and procedures to perform this work safely.

We have preservative treated shakes on our 10 year old roof and some of them are starting to split. Is there anything we can spray on them to help them last longer?

Some splitting of the shakes over time is normal. If the roof is not leaking then the splits are not doing any damage and should be left alone. A professional can insert metal shims under any wide splits if you consider it to be necessary.

What can I do to prevent the shakes on my roof from turning gray?

There are many topical treatments available that contain color tints. Contact a local, competent, professional paint contractor/paint store for more details. If you have a pressure-impregnated treated product, always check with the treatment company to obtain their recommendation on roof maintenance prior to authorizing your contractor to begin work.

How do you repair a very small section of a cedar roof?

See the repair diagram in the CSSB's Care & Maintenance brochure.