Nails & Staples

Is it okay to use a nail gun?

You can use a nail gun to install cedar shingles and shakes. However, the nail heads must not be overdriven into the surface of the shingles. See the CSSB's New Roof Construction Manual for more details.

Is it normal to see a fastener here and there, between installed product, or should you never see one?

You should never see staples or nails in the joints or keyways between shakes or shingles. If you do, it means that fastener was installed incorrectly. It could also indicate other unseen incorrect installation. Contact your local Member Contractor/Installer for details.

Should the woven sidewall corner applications be nailed together?

You can nail the woven corners together, but the CSSB suggests using hot-dipped galvanized nails and pre-drilling the holes to prevent splitting.

What size or type of fastener should I use when putting on my cedar sidewall?

Read the CSSB Fastener Chart and Nailing Diagram, Exterior and Interior Wall Manual.