Coverage & Exposure

Can I use number four grade shingles for a starter course on my roof?

Number four grade shingles are a utility grade for undercoursing of double coursed sidewalls only. They are not a roofing material and they are not to be used as a starter course on roofs.

Is there a method of applying three or four rows (sections) before moving across the roof?

Cut a board the same width as your shingle exposure and a length where you can lay out shingles. Tack it in place being careful not to damage the underlying roof shingles, then lay out and nail a course. Move it up and tack it in place again. Lay out and nail into shingles and repeat five to six courses. Move along, and chalk line every five or six courses, being careful not to damage the underlying roof shingles.

What amount of waste factor should I count on in the product I purchase?

Waste factor will vary, depending upon quality of product, roofing contractor's experience, and aesthetic look desired. Contact your Member Contractor/Installer for more details about your particular job; unfortunately this is not a question that the CSSB can answer for you as it is project-specific.