The CSSB promotes the common interest of all members involved in the cedar shake and shingle roofing and sidewall business. With 102 years of experience administering quality assurance programs, lobbying for building code updates, providing quality marketing services, and protecting the viability of the cedar shake and shingle industry, the CSSB serves its members well.

CSSB Membership Benefits: (click to view Membership Benefits flyer)

Business Opportunities 
  • Product donation & sponsorship opportunities 
  • Member Manufacturers able to offer the Lifetime Limited Warranty for jobs installed by MCI
  • Invitation to Non-Confidential Meetings, Annual General Meetings & events
  • Enhance business relations
  • Participate in Director nominations/elections
  • District Manager educational seminars/support
  • Roof application information, assistance & demonstrations
  • Free technical advice for Certi-label® products
  • AIA learning unit accredited courses
  • Trade Show participation
  • Professional marketing support/advice
  • Customer referrals via telephone & internet
  • Opportunity to profile your company in Certi-Scene™
  • Industry trend monitoring 
  • CSSB literature at cost 
  • Receive printed Certi-Scene™ newsletter
  • Being part of an over 100 year old organization
  • Association with the prominent CSSB name & Certi-label® brand
  • Networking with your peers
  • New territory development
Product Development
  • Building Code lobbying
  • Product research & testing
Quality Control 
  • Grading Rules updates
  • Member Manufacturers must undergo random unannounced inspections from both the Third Party Inspector and CSSB Cedar Quality Auditor
  • Listing on top ranked CSSB website
  • Easy to follow online videos
  • Mobile friendly website
  • Instant access to literature online 


Membership Categories

  • Manufacturer
    • Mill
    • Treater
  • Affiliate
    • Distributor/Broker/Retailer/Wholesaler
    • Associate
    • Member Contractor/Installer 
    • Business (equipment supplier, after-market roof treatment product manufacturer, service provider)
    • Professional (engineer, architect)
    • Subsidiary
  • Alumni and Honorary

How to join

In order to become a member of the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau®, applicants are required to submit a completed application package, appropriate fees, and pass compulsory inspections/reference checks. Final approval decisions are made by the Board of Directors.Honorary members are recommended and approved by the Board of Directors.

What does it cost to join? Click here for category and fee information.

Download the respective application (PDF) below and send along with all fees and any other required paperwork to

Do not use any of the above application paperwork for the Member Contractor/Installer program. Contact our office to request the Member Contractor/Installer application package.


The CSSB is committed to a strong marketing program. The CSSB publishes a wide range of literature and promotional items, tools that are constantly being updated to attract the attention of the target audience. The "Certi" brand is actively promoted in all CSSB marketing efforts; trade shows, product labeling, magazine ads, District Manager seminars, literature, media relations and much more. Each year CSSB staff answer thousands of consumer questions. The team is dedicated to helping CSSB members be as successful as possible.

Quality Products

Only CSSB member mills are allowed to use the distinctive "Certi" brand name on their product labels. All manufacturing members must commit to independent, third party random inspections. These inspections ensure that grading standards are followed. Strict adherence to these guidelines allows Certi-label® products to enjoy a consistent quality reputation. CSSB manufacturing members also undergo a second quality control check by the CSSB-exclusive Cedar Quality Auditor. A & R Cedar, Inc. is required to undergo extra inspections effective July 1, 2017.